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Here Are The Best Ways To Beat Jet Lag


Originally published in Forbes.

There's a new generation of fast and sleek jets, but can they outrace jet lag?

Qantas recently debuted a 17-hour route from Perth, Australia to London. Clocking in 9,010 miles, it is among the longest flights commercially available. Other long-haul routes include Singapore to New York (9,535 miles via Singapore Airlines), Doha to Auckland (9,032 miles, via Qatar Airways), and Los Angeles to Singapore (8,770 miles, via United).

As the Wall Street Journal reports, timezone-crossing flights have airlines and plane manufacturers considering ways to reduce jet lag for travelers. Airlines are deploying different light settings, timing food service to match meal times at destinations, and encouraging stretching and yoga, even for economy passengers.

But you don't have to fly across multiple continents to feel jet lagged. Even relatively shorter jaunts, such as New York to Iceland (about five and a half hours via Icelandair), or Newark to London Heathrow (just over seven hours via United), can leave travelers shaggy with exhaustion.

Is there anything you can do to beat jet lag?

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