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Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston Debut New Mezcal, Dos Hombres

Photo: Elva Ramirez

Photo: Elva Ramirez

Originally published in Forbes.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, the critically-acclaimed "Breaking Bad" actors, are working together again. But this time, you can legally buy their product.

The impetus for Dos Hombres, their newly-launched mezcal brand, came out of simply wanting to work closely together again.

Around three years ago, the two actors, who are close friends in real life, were having dinner in New York. "[Bryan] said, 'Is it too early to do another project together on the screen?'," Aaron Paul says, as he makes mezcal cocktails. "I said, I think so. Even though 'Breaking Bad' has been done for five, six years, we're still associated with that show."

Photo: Elva Ramirez

Photo: Elva Ramirez

“Then I said, we can go into business together," Paul adds. "He fell in love with the idea. We started talking about mezcal."

The result: Dos Hombres, a 100% Espadin single village mezcal from San Luis del Rio, a town about four hours from central Oaxaca. "It's from a village of about 400 people, " Paul says. "It's amazing. We try to go as often as possible. We're heading there straight from Tales."

Dos Hombres lands on the bartending scene following some very savvy social media flair.

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