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Kilauea Volcano Eruption: Is It Safe To Travel To Hawaii?


Originally published in Forbes.

Hawaii has one thing to tell tourists: We're open for business.

Hawaii's summer travel season is in full swing, but headlines about Kilauea's volcanic eruption continue to dominate headlines, often accompanied with photos of lava and closed national parks.

But the volcanic activity is in a remote part of the island, officials say, and poses no risk to tourists.

On May 25, Hawaii Gov. David Ige and the State Dept. of Health director Dr. Virginia Pressler issued a joint statement about the air quality on the islands. "Hawaii’s air quality is being closely monitored on a continuing basis by scientists, meteorologists and the State Department of Health," Gov. Ige says in the press release. "This team of experts says the air quality in the Hawaiian Islands is safe for residents and visitors, except in the affected areas."

"The bottom line is that there is no reason for travelers to avoid making their vacation plans in the Hawaiian Islands due to safety concerns because of Kilauea volcano," the governor added.

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